I was not blond from birth, i have dark 'blond' hair but dyed it bright blond when I was thirteen and got trapped in the re-growth cycle. I kept it blond until I was twenty eight and then realised the insanity of putting highly toxic chemicals on my scalp often more than twice a week. It is important to point out that everyone believed I was blond and were very shocked when I appeared for work with different tresses, many wouldn't believe it was me. They like the rest of the world seemed obsessed by the colour and its implications.

During this time I was subject to the mass hypnosis by the media regarding 'blondes', in fact it was due to prejudice and sexually aggressive behaviour that i decided to revert back to a less 'suggestive' colour. I was lucky enough to be able to revert back to my natural colour but what if i had been born blond! The amount of added social pressure 'attractive' blondes suffer can't be measured, they are mocked, ridiculed, subject to endless discussion, constantly stared at and propositioned everywhere. Blondes are the object of endless passing fantasies which make decent long lasting relationships with any sex increasingly impossible. It is very sad that blond hair has become materialised and fetishized in a way which is destructive for those involved, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The only suggestions I have if you are a natural 'attractive' blond, apart from getting a body guard or keeping your hair under a hat is to build up a non response system to these 'aggressors'. I unfortunately got so good at this I wouldn't speak to anyone who approached me on the street or called out to me, even if it turned out to be someone i knew, i just tuned out. Turning to God also helped me.

The current zoo like fascination with beauty and natural assets I believe is due to the media. Whenever there was a tv film with a blond in it or mass advertising campaign i always had more trouble where ever i went. This is the same as racial prejudice but the media won't start to change their perception until we do. If you're not a natural blond I urge you not to 'blond up,' don't use it as an accessory, this will give true blondes the freedom to be themselves. I am glad to see that this has become a subject of discussion beyond the belief that if you are stereotyped you therefore have to prove yourself. And blondes become victims of historic myth and cultural ideology.  KthrynAda @