I'm also a blond and I have also had been too much a victim of prejudice. I was born blond, and so for that we are the laugh of some kind of joke that goes with the stupid morale that beeing blond is like being without a brain. As a guy I've seen too much of it, and even as girls when their blond tone are very light, are discriminated, specially when as a adults persons. I don't understand this kind of nature, maybe that's why the nazis were to opposite extreme - that the blond race was good and pure - but a extreme position like that also it's too much.

 People should consider that either as a men or women are victim of this prejudice, and history can prove this over and over - no race is above other, and no hair tone of color is "better" than the rest.

 Whenever any proclaimed protest appears either in Internet or written, be sure, that as a blond male guy will prompty sign and raise against the "cursed" prejudice.

 From Portugal, Luís Barroso

 My full support.