I am one of those lucky people blessed with good looks and brains(dare i say it) but to others because i am blonde and that changes who i am mentally and physically. i am only 16 years old and have come accross many harsh realitys because i am blonde. i can't go anywhere without my friends, family or boyfriend because i get stalked and followed home and i have also been raped. My advice to you find other natural blondes like yourself, my boyfriend is a natural blonde also so we have a common ground. Still i just dont get it why do so many people put us down when they endevour to dye to be like us or have a preference sexually in how we look- i thought we were dumb?
 I came across your article while searching for an issue to present to my English class, funnily enough it was my own family who suggested as a joke to do it about why being blonde automatically makes you a slut or a bimbo. Note; i am a natural blond and yes it was my family who laugh at there own sister, daughter being blond (my brother and dad have outgrown there blondness and are now brunettes, they believe that is a positive thing- go figure!) Anyway you have really opened my eyes and i can't wait to present my speech to the class, no doubt they will laugh and all that but if it changes just ones thoughts about us all being bimbo's etc then it will be all the worthwhile. thanks and please write back. yours Kerry Matthews.