I have been a victim of prejudice. It has been occurring my whole life and somehow I didn’t really realize it. Millions of others similar to myself have also suffered because of it. It is the most widespread, approved of, prejudice in the world today. Huge sums of money are created because of it. North America is the center of it, but it happens everywhere. You have probably contributed to it, along with millions of others., and yet I am the first one that I know of who has spoken out against it.
  It’s a quiet prejudice. No one yells at us or throws things. That is because they won't admit we exist.
It’s a strange prejudice, because we are judged inferior because of our looks, and yet the racists try to mimic our appearance. Our men, women, and children are judged everyday because of it, and no one thinks they are wrong, except us, and we do not say anything. We hope it will just go away. We are being nice, instead of good.

I’ll give you a little quiz. Which of the following is done everyday.
· Someone has a basketball game to play so they cover themselves with brown shoe polish to be a better player.
· Someone has to do their taxes so they slant their eyes to look Asian so that they’re able to do math better.
· Someone wants to look sexy or freaky or submissive, so they dye their hair yellow, because everyone knows Blondes are wacko.

  The first two would be seen as prejudicial against a group of people. The third example is done every day.  It’s so common that it’s truth is not even doubted. It is not even a thought to be wondered about. The stereotype is as complete as any stereotype ever was.
  Not only is it tolerated, but it’s accepted and encouraged. It is growing now more than ever. Yet no woman or man dyes their hair yellow to gain positive qualities. It is done to gain an image of Bad qualities. These Dye-jobs ‘know’ what the image is. Prostitutes look more sluttish, and their customers see it as proof. Bimbos need it for that bimbo look. Homosexuals look more funish, Dopers look more dopey, and Bitches look bitchier. Rednecks wives look more redneck in their giant yellow boufounts. Transvestites always slap on a yellow wig to look like the dye-job movie star they’re mimicking. Then there’s the goofy half yellow with black roots look. I don’t know what that is. Perhaps it's just proof of membership.
  None of these people dye their hair to look more intelligent. I laugh at that, and I have a pretty high IQ.   None of them are trying to promote the idea of Scandinavians as better people or yellow hair as a sign of good character. They are using it as a symbol, no different than a yellow star. It is a symbol of a club they wish to join, while ignoring those given it from birth. They use it to be a freak, while denying that they are freaks. They create the behaviors, while we get the reputations.
  Where did blond people come from? Well, lately they have an origin of Scandinavia, just as blacks come from Africa. It is said that thousands of years ago they were more widespread. You may of heard of Vikings. They were all Blond. Movies always show them as black-haired, because everyone knows that blond are cowardfagdopers or bimboslutidiots, but Vikings were almost always blond. Vikings themselves have are a stereotype, but they did exist as part of a race.
  So, what happened to those people? A thousand years ago Blond men had a reputation of murderous savages, and yet now they are weak, wimpy, cowardly, weird, freaks or faggots. That’s quite a dramatic genetic change! Perhaps the originals were taken away on a UFO and replaced with new variety bred for freaky niceness.
  Where did these blond people come from before that? Some people would say that not all blonds have origins in Scandinavia. I would argue that not all Black people have been in Africa, but still consider themselves African. The same would be true of any other race, so why not us?
  In school, it was said that the ancient Norse became blond and blue eyed because they lived in the snow throughout an ice age, and then in areas with long winters. As a result of that, somehow the snow ‘bleached’ them. If that is true then how do they explain the North American Indian, and the Inuit, and Sami, and the natives of Siberia? They all lived through an ice age in a winter climate, and frankly, I can’t see the least bit of blond in them.
  Is our coloring a genetic adaptation, or just a racial trait? Asians have ‘almond eyes’ and flatter faces., but what function does it serve? Does it help them with math? No. Perhaps appearance can be deceiving.
  This modern prejudice is partly our own fault because we gave up our heritage to be folded into the ‘White’ banner. We didn’t vote on it, but we didn’t vote against it either. The problem is ‘white’ is for racists, both pro and con. White doesn’t exist. There is no Continent, Country, Culture, or Religion called White. You hear about it all the time, but there is no such thing. A thousand years ago Europeans did not hold hands and sing songs because they were all white. They hated each other. They had more wars than anyone, all over one race or culture versus another.
  So here we are, part of something that doesn’t exist. And since we are part of them, we allow them to be part of us. To steal our identity for racist, sexist stereo-types. To use our faces to hide behind to commit freakish behaviors, while denying that they are not really blond, therefore not really freaks. Somehow, We are the freaks, even though we did not do it.
 I once filled out a racism complaint on this, but nothing was admitted, created, or accomplished.
 I can understand their desire to do nothing about this. Nothing is always easier. Doing something is hard, and you can easily see how big this thing has to get to be finished. The dye-jobs are everywhere. Dye companies make fortunes off of them. Hollywood is dye-job central. Politicians wives are dye-jobs, and their hookers as well. They are in government offices and businesses. Some probably work at the watchdogs where I sent my complaint. Yellow hair paint is backed by big bucks. Yellow hair paint is too big for a white Regional Council to bark at.
  Many years ago there used to be entertainment called Minstrel Shows. In them, black faced performers did various comedy and dancing routines. The truth is that none of them were actually Blacks, partly because it was felt that Africans didn’t know how to act like ‘proper blacks’. They weren’t able to portray the stereotype that everyone wanted to see.
 What the dye-jobs are doing now is a Yellow Minstrel Show, performing the parts that no blonde person would do ‘properly’. The yellow minstrels are now on every TV show, movie and magazine. They decide what we are and act it out and leave their own race untouched.
  It’s an odd prejudice really. The media always shows blondes in a bad light, and still millions of people want to dye their hair to look like us. Is this a comment about society, or people? Do they hate themselves as well as us?
   In a way, they complementing us. By dyeing their hair they are saying they wish they had our ancestors instead of theirs. They think we are so much prettier than them they want to resemble us. We are so much more talented than them they need to pretend they are us. By doing so, they are judging their own race to be second rate. Yes, they are racists against their own race!
  Then, after they look like us, they get it all wrong and portray us with every bad quality they have. Dye-job women have the lowest morals and the biggest mouths, which is exactly the opposite of the genuine article. They change the real blonds' pleasant personality into an excuse for weird slutish behavoir. Soon, they become annoyed when the real thing doesn’t act like the copy, and finally, they say that they are not really blond, so they are not really like that. (It must be the Evil Hairs’ Fault!)
  When I started writing this down I went out into the Internet to find anything similar. I didn’t. A search for Norse brings up Vikings. Vikings brings up Norse. Scandinavia gives me vacation information. Blond tells me how to dye my hair. Civil Rights and Prejudice have no mention of us. I know others feel the same way, so where are they?
  Why haven’t we got any kind of lobbying going on? Every tiny splinter group these days has organized themselves to bend politicians ears, but not us. Where are we? Too timid? Too stupid? Too well trained? We need to get something going! Sure it’s whining, but it’s a Whiner World these days. There are Rights to be won, and big bucks as well. From the Hair Dye pushers to the Screen Actors Guild, who portrays us as weirdo’s, all the worst offenders are loaded. The spread of blond stereotyping coincides perfectly with the rise of Hollywood. Their money has been made at our expense, and we should tear it loose from them. Just like our Viking ancestors, we should take the only thing they love: Money.
  Okay, all you blond people out there. Do you realize what is happening? You are being judged by the media image instead of yourself. Should the dye-jobs continue to dictate who we are? Have you been acting as blondes are ‘supposed’ to act or have you been limiting your personality to veer far away from any behavior remotely like the stereotype? Do you realize that other people have been judging you because of the hair you were born with? We are a Race, but it’s difficult for us to be identified as a race when the dye-jobs may outnumber us. Let's show them we exist! Let’s show them who we are!

 Do you think I have been harsh? Have I said some things that seem racist? Good. At least I’ve caught your attention. These ideas must have been said before by others, but they must have been said to damn politely. If you have a race so must I. Dye-jobs are no race, and have no culture. They are a Product, and I can like products or hate them. I will say whatever I want about them. I have been the victim of racism, and I’m sick of it.



"National Blond Day"