I recently found a link on the msn.com webpage called nationalblondeday.com mentioning that July 9 2001 was national blond day, ( and we blondes weren't even notified. I could have had the day off.)

However the page is nothing but an ad for a new movie called Legally Blonde. The sponsor was Vidal Sassoon, which makes money from distorting the image of blond people. Isn't this like the KKK sponsoring Black Appreciation Day?

The page states that it is sponsored by the Blond Legal Defense Club. What is a defense 'club' anyway? Get 20 % off on all legal fees? Their 'mission' is to 'dispel myths and mistakes about blondes, both natural and chemically created'. Notice that a dye company figures a dye-job is just as good as us. Gee, what a surprise. This club has no webpage, but there are several links to hairdying, as well as tips to becoming blonde.  I wonder if the NAACP has tips on how to become Black?

Despite this deep commitment the page shows several pretty yellow haired models, just like on the boxes of dye. Hey, why don't they show their real customers on the boxes, prostitutes and middle aged fat women. ( Hair dye must be a real money making product. You put a few cents of industrial chemicals in a little bottle, put a pretty girl on the cover, and sell it for ten or fifteen bucks. The chemicals are poured on someones head, then allowed to go down the drain to hurt the enviroment. If a company tried to dispose of that much chemicals at once it would cost billions, and they do it for free!)

Legally Blonde concerns a blond who goes to Harvard. Imagine that! A smart blond! It must be a drama. I saw other info on 'legally blond' that states the star, reese witherspoon is a real blond. whoopdeedooo.What's our equivalent word for uncle tom?

A page like this is insulting lip service.  However, the fact that they made the effort shows that the Word is spreading. Keep on emailing updates BFBers!

I read that this advertising campaign backfired anyway. Some journalists thought it was real and did articles on the non-existant organization, and got POed when they realized they'd been had!

At the bottom is a smart ass tag line that says 'be true to your roots'. We will, you motherfuckers. One day 'legally blond' will be a term used in court, as opposed to 'illegally blond'.