I'm a black female who enjoys surfing the net. I toured your web site with a very open mind and found it very interesting. I never knew blond people were discriminated against. I've heard a few "dumb blonde" jokes and thought - gee if these were "dumb black" or "dumb brunette" jokes I sure wouldn't like it very much. The thing is that when these jokes were told (at work-I'm a secretary) the blondes all laughed too. I didn't think they were funny - just ignorant. It's like the red headed step child jokes that are told also. Not funny. I enjoyed the visit and will be back - hope you don't mind input from a nonblonde.
and a 2nd email...
 Blond is just seen as the preferred look in the Western Hemisphere for women. When I was a kid Clairol had an advertising slogan which stated that "blonds have more fun". It's part of the western culture. As for Dolly Parton - even though I live in the South I've never cared for her, or country music.
 My man is treated with much respect because he very intelligent - and shows it. He has the looks of a blond Adonis, and once anyone hears him in conversation they know they're in the presence of great intelligence.
  You were speaking of people bad mouthing blonds and then bleaching their hair blond when they haven't any respect for them in the first place. I can relate to that being black because many non - blacks like our music (jazz, soul, blues, rap) and also our dances and singing style, but have no respect for us as people. I can't stand this - so I know where you're coming from.
 Idiots abound.   Kat Marshall