I really do think that prejudice against blond people should be counted as racism, because that's what it is!! Making negative judgements and insulting jokes about a particular hair colour! It's no different than prejudice against someone's skin colour or the shape of someone's eyes!! The worst thing is (which is emphasized by your website) these prejudices where caused by Dye-jobs!
 I have to admit, I usually find Dye-jobs really annoying, especially the female ones. They walk around as if they are sex kittens sent from heaven because of their bleached hair and then people call them "blonde bimboes" and "blonde sluts". I find that real blonds are nowhere near as arrogant and obsessed about their hair. Although I'm sure BFBs love their own hair colour they don't see it as a tool to use for flaunting around or for intimidating non-blonds. I think BFB men are even sometimes embarassed about their hair colour because other people(esp.other men) call them "gay" or "sissies" or "blondies". It's a real shame.
 I want to help your cause, but I'm not blond myself(I assure you I have never been a Dye-job and never will be one - I'm happy with raven hair), and I'm all the way in Australia. So, if you think there's something I can do to help, please let me know.
I'm a Greenie as well so I appreciated your comments about the harm of hair dye to the environment. Bronwyn Smith @