Thank God There's Someone To Talk To.

  My name is Thor and I live in London ,UK.  'Blonde' jokes are called 'essex girl' jokes; Essex being a county right by London where stupid secretaries supposedly come from (Essex is the London equivalent of New Jersey) However anti Blond comments have been a fact of life for me.
  Only recently on a course a guy from the US said something stupid then declared that he had a 'blonde moment'. I just said "excuse me ?" in a loud voice directed at him. He saw the point and apologized.
  I think really we have to address this at every point.
  Hollywood is very anti Blond men ,with a few exceptions the hero is always a dark haired man and the blond guys are Nazis or some sort of Villain, even a favorite film of mine 'Blade Runner' follows this. In fact any declaration of annoyance at anti blond comments and you end up being called a NAZI !
  Keep up the good work                 Yours Thor H.