Maybe You Are a Dumb Blonde After All.

Yes you.
Blonde women who disagree with the image of bimbo slut. Blond men who are taken for mild meek morons. Maybe you are dumb after all. You see, dumb also means "doesn't talk" Lacking the Power of Speech. Mute.
And you don't talk about it, do you? You might scowl, or pout, or smirk. But mainly you don't do anything. Mainly you stay quiet.
I've been speaking out for years and I am frankly baffled, sickened, and disappointed by the lack of comradery. Oh sure, you send me email and thank me for the site, and agree with me, and tell me your story, and say you're going to do something youself.
But that's the end of it. You're never heard from again. I email you for updates and get no reply.
What happened? You get it off your chest and that's good enough? You think I can handle it by myself? No, what I think hapened is that you mentioned it out loud and got laughed at, and it hurt your little feelings. So that's that. You want justice and fairness, but at no cost to yourself. you're hoping for welfare to hand out human rights. Or does yellow mean coward?
When this site was started I was expecting to hand out many email accounts to those who earned it, for the good of us all and the advancement of the cause. Only one person proved she earned it, and she's dead now. A wasted Martyr.
I know you don't like any of it. So why do nothing? If it was easy to change the cliche then it wouldn't need to be done. So you say you didn't know about the website? Did you look? Did you try? Did you start your own? No, you didn't.
Can't you see the need for all of us to speak out? Maybe you all are Dumb Blondes after all. And I'm sick of your silence.