What Hollywood Sez

Hollywood. Bimboland. Dye-job central in the heart of La La Land.

Hollywood does more to create the image of blonds than anyone, using non-blonds. If not for them whores, freaks, dopers and effemenates would not know to paint their hair yellow.

But how do hollywood personalities feel about blonds? The following shows the 'party line' and contains quotes from various people known to the public.


Marilyn Monroe. The most famous dye-job in the world. Every dye-job wants to be this dye-job.

See kids, dreams can come true. Move to Hollywood, paint your hair yellow, suck some cock, get screwed by politicians, and get a career as a movie bimbo.

Until you get too old that is. Who wants an old bimbo when there are so many young ones around?

And since you have nothing to fall back on, use pills to dull the pain.

Bleach on the outside and pills on the inside. And still the real you sneaks out sometimes, doesn't it?

 Poor little Anna Nicole Dye-job. The sweet little darling...

The life of a dye-job is so glamorous. Don't know why she was using drugs. Painting your hair yellow is supposed to cure all problems.



 Paris Hilton. Famous for being an internet slut in a porno. In other words, a dye-job dream job.

And now she's much more. A failed actress, a failed singer, and a failed media personality.

Wah, My 15 minutes are up!


Cry, your tears sustain me.

 Lindsay Lohan. Take a child star, add bleach on the outside and drugs on the inside, and here's what you get. It's the standard dye-job formula. Still don't feel great? Do more!! Bleach and drugs fixes everything.

How old is she now? About 85?


Ah, the magic of makeup! From middle-aged trailer queen to Hollywood Queen with one application.

Does this dye-job qualify as a special effect?


  Signourey Weaver had yellow hair for part in a sci-fi comedy called galaxy quest. When asked how it felt to be blond, she sez " It was nice to be able to turn off my brain". (yeah, like when we watched Aliens 3 + 4.)
In the remake of Charlies Angels, A dye-job played a blond, while a blond; Cameron Diaz, dyed her hair brown, to play the 'smart one'. Why of course, no blond can be smart. It makes perfect racist sense.  
   Dolly Parton wears a yellow wig, and sez " I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know I'm not blonde".
(Well, she knows something anyway. Isn't it funny. Dye-jobs laugh at blond jokes, while blonds feel hurt, when all blond jokes are about dye-jobs.)
 Did you know James Arness, Marshall Dillon, was really a blond? He dyed his hair black to get good parts. His brother, Peter Graves, played nazis and beach boys until Mission Impossible came along.  
   None of the 'blond bombshells' were really blond. Marilyn Monroe, Mamie VanDoren, Farrah Faucet, Loni Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Britanny Spears, and more. They needed the dye.You see, without the image of the 'yellow whore' people would notice they are just average looking women.
 Angelina Jolie has played a dyejob 3 times. The last was Life Or Something Like It. When asked whose idea that was, she sez, "Actually, it was mine. I think if I'd been my brunette self it wouldn't have been as comedic. Her personality has blonde written all over it. Hopefully, it's going to help the audience not to think it's me up there."
No, we still knew it was you. So, blonds are more funny? I guess that's why all the great comics are blond. Okay, I'll give it a shot.  Hey Angelina, your career is in your bra! The movie is funny, but not like you think! Her and her husband bought a lot in beverly hills, tore down the house, and put in a trailer!
   Geena Davis appeared in a movie as a good decent mother, who then realized she had amnesia, and was actually a cold hearted killer. So what's the first thing she does? Dyes her hair yellow. Of course! Wacky chicks are blond, and nice bland women are brunette. Thats a stereotype to both groups of women.
 The Canadian Diplomat in hollwood is a dyejob. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, eh hosers?  
  Winona Ryder is really a blond. At 11, she was told to dye her hair black because she was intellectual. In Edward Scissorhands, she wore a yellow wig over her black dyed blond hair.(sheesh! after playing that part for several years she is now playing the wacky shoplifting dyejob. Shows what happens when you live a lie. It twists you.)

 Check out all the books about Blondes. Every single one was written by a Dye-job! EVERY SINGLE ONE.

And every single one says it's FABULOUS!!! What, blonde jokes don't bother you? Of course not, you're not blonde.

It's like a white guy explaining how great it is to be Black.


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