Our world is corrupt. There is no doubt of that. No matter what city you live in there are corrupt politicians and corrupt police. Our world runs by it. Corruption is so widespread that even if you know it is happening you have to work for its’ benefit. Talent, Ability, or Morals have no chance against it. There is no escape.

  Corruption puts incompetent people in charge and keeps them there. That’s its’ purpose. The people who are attracted to it are people who need it to get somewhere because they have no skill, talent, or brainpower to help them. This means that corrupt leaders are usually the least deserving of anyone to be leader.

  Yet they somehow have the ability to forget that their power came thru corruption. They tell themselves, and each other, that they deserve to be in charge because of talent, ability, or just because they are in charge. They deserve to be in charge because they are in charge. Just like old time royalty, they say they were meant to be in charge, not you.

  Corruption is like cancer. Corruption wants it all, just like cancer. Cancer is a living thing, just trying to get by. Some people get cancer, not because they're evil, but because a part of their body was corrupted. If a person has cancer, they cannot make a deal with the cancer. ‘Take my leg, and leave the rest alone’. Cancer wants the whole body. You could say ‘ but if you take over the whole body, the body will die, and then the cancer will die’. Cancer doesn’t care. People say they are going to beat their cancer. They aren’t lying. They always do. Either the treatment works, or they die. The cancer dies either way.

 Did you notice that a modern city is set up just like an old time city? The high rises are the castle, and the peasants are still spread out around them. Courtiers and Courtesans have the new names of Lobbyists and Sex-a-tarys. The moat is still there, only it is invisible. Corruption always wants their power to be permanent, and builds its own moat to keep us out. Police are the Royal Guard, of course. Police were invented right about the time modern cities spread up. The first police were paid for by the rich, until modern taxes came along. They Serve the rich and Protect them from us.

 Our world is not quite at the stage of old time empires, but it is getting closer. All it would take is an announcement that the rich must stay rich, and the poor must stay poor. Of course, poor people have very little chance of becoming rich, while corruption has an excellent chance of staying wealthy. In the USA there are over a million millionaires, and they control ninety seven percent of all the money. That leaves three percent for all the rest. Looks like you will have to keep working.

 Corruption wants you to work for them. If you didn’t they could not exist. Corruption wants a Company, not a Country. They want Employees, not Citizens.

 So you need to have the right mindset applied. This is their mindset; Individually we are treated like children, and together we are treated like barnyard animals.

  In olden times, farms were the normal way. Our cities are still farms, but now people are the animals. Cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and horses are slang words for people, and more accurate than they know. The purpose of barnyard animals is to be useful to the farmer. You’ll get your feed of grain as long as you do your work. Dogs will be there to protect you from wolves or other wild things. Be careful or the dogs may bite you instead. The farmer likes his dogs, but dogs are replaceable too. One day your usefulness is over, and you will die, and new animals will replace you.

  It is said that all barnyard animals are juvenile versions of the wild originals. Dogs are baby wolves, cows used to be deer, and chickens were pheasants. We are the same way now. We are kept as children our whole lives. We have to ask ‘Government Daddy’ for help, or be careful not to get in trouble from him. Government Mommy will help us if we are sick, as long as we aren’t too bad. The better you are at whining the more you will get for it is a Whiner World. We eat like kids and play like kids. Grown women still play dress-up, or get a super-model to do it for them, and grown men still play boys sports, at least on TV.

  So where do the dye-jobs fit in? Dye-jobs are increasing for several reasons.

  The dye-jobs are sex freak based. Sex freak is the image they want, and Corruption loves sex freaks. Whores will associate with them for money. Paying for sex seems like no great accomplishment, because they will do it for anybody, but Corruption forgets about the money and uses it as proof of their sex appeal. So now they need their whores and will protect them, and protect their image. In Rome whores were called the Priestesses of Isis. In old Japan they were Geishas, and in our world they are wonderful sexy figures, worthy of Hollywood.

  This world is a barnyard, and the purpose of barnyard animals is to breed. Eat and breed and remain sexually active until death. The barnyard also does not need very many males. One bull can take care of a herd, or one rooster the hens, so the other males are castrated or sent to be killed.

 This is our behavior. We eat our grain and get fat and breed. Males are becoming more feminine. They dye their hair like a woman, wear womens’ clothes, or become homosexual. Others try to dominate through rape. This is all the sex based behavior of a barnyard.

  Somehow, yellow hair has become the symbol for all the sex freaks. It is the only reason the dye-job lemonhead bleachbrains do it. They are not trying to be better people, or show their support for Norse people. They are saying, look at me, I’m a sex freak!

  This is an unfortunate turn of events to those who are blond from birth. They are being judged as sex freaks when they are not. But why else would they have blond hair? They must be sex freaks of some type. Blond men must be homosexual, or boys, or dopers; while blond women must be whores or bimbos.

 If black skin was being used as a symbol of the sex freak it would be called the most horrible racism by the Media, and yet the Media encourages the lemonheads. More and more hollywood women are yellow headed whores, and pop singers look like used paintbrushes, while billions of bottles of chemicals get washed down the sink to pollute the water, all without a word of censure from the media. Corruption likes its’ whores.

  How about this non-racist alternative for hair dye. Whores can have green hair (like money), homosexuals can have pink (its very festive and fun), and bimbos can be blue (like their frozen brains). Pop stars will fit one of the above categories.

  Help put an end to the dye-jobs. It is racism to blond people. It hurts blond children and it makes you think like a racist. You dishonor your ancestors and your own race by supporting it.

  There is also another reason to be against the lemonheads. Corruption likes them. Corruption wants them. Hurt Corruption by being against their servants. Reject their way. It is better for you and better for those coming after us. Corruption wants a passive barnyard. Don’t help them.