Hello Siteadmin - curious name :-)

  As a blonde, I was searching the internet looking for information about blond issues...i.e. real issues like where do blondes come from, why etc... and found your website.
 I liked your argument against the "snow turning the hair white" garbage. Living in Australia I am aware that Aboriginals here did not change their colour or appearance for 65,000 years even though they lived in vastly different climatic regions.
 But I am curious as to where this blonde business comes from and, more importantly, why. There must be a reason blondness suddenly appeared because all other biological features in the world appear to have a reason.
Do you know any articles or sites that have some information on the evolution of blondness? Are those of us who are blond all descended from the same line?? Is it true that blondness is only a Scandinavian trait?
  Anyhow, any info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated - I want to look into this further and I am now inspired to lodge a formal complaint the next time I hear or see an offensive "blond" portrayal. We have very good anti discrimination and anti racial hatred laws in Australia and a good system for seeing them through.
  Don't know if this thought ever struck you, but whilst the world is obsessed with blond jokes a quick look at the world reveals that the most advanced nations on the planet socially and politically are those with the highest percentage of blondes - the Scandinavian countries. The poorest members of the European union are those nations with the lowest percentage of blondes in their populations. The worlds oldest continuous Parliament exists in Iceland - the worlds most isolated group of blondes.
  It strikes me that rather than being the dumbest, we have a proven track record of being the most advanced people socially and politically on the face of the planet!
  Mother Nature has conspired to give humans a road map to the reproductive organs by giving each of us a hairsuite arrow pointing to these organs. Similarly, perhaps that's why some of us have blonde hair - so the others can identify the more "civilized" amongst them :-)

hopefully you can direct me to some further information,

well done          Eero T.   Adelaide, South Australia