Blondes in Court

 I've been watching all the Dye-jobs Hollywood skanks on TV. All their half crazed drugged full adventures are quite entertaining. The longer they dye they crazier they get. [bleach will do that to you when you pour onto your braincase.]
Sooner or later they end up getting arrested. And what do they do before court? Go back to their real hair color. Yeah, they want to look as 'normal' as possible. For sympathy, you know.
And they certainly don't want to look like one of those crazy blonde women. Everyone 'knows' those kind are bunch of retarded sex crazed amoral sluts who do drugs and piss on the floor while sucking off their drug dealer for free crack while their baby watches.
It's not their fault though. Being born with blonde hair does that to them. Why else would they be born that way? It's not like some birth characteristic based on ancestral genetics. That would give them Rights. Making fun of them would be Racism.

Nah, they're just born that way. Poor things have to go to court as a blonde woman and show everyone they're crazy sluts.

By having their clients go 'normal' lawyers are admitting that the public perception is that blonde women are weird. They concede that the media says that black hair is nice while blonde is bad. Sounds like the courts are prejudicial against blond people.
Out of court Judgey-wudgey loves his dye-job hooker, but in court, she's an untrustworthy slut.

What's that? If they don't like it, paint their hair black? Yeah sure. And if Black people don't like nigger jokes they should use pink make-up. That would fix it. And if women don't like their treatment they should cut off their boobs and dress like men. That would fix it. And people with different religions should just change. That would fix it. And if gays are harassed they should just have sex with women instead. That would fix it.

It's a strange twisted world when the fakes want to be the real thing and tell the real things to be fake.