Blonde and Proud Of it!

  Thank you for your wonderful site. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that someone else was sick of being stereo-typed too.I felt so empowered after reading the content of your site that I was inspired to write this little essay. It pretty much sums up my feelings, so I thought that I'd share. Thanks again.

   Defending the Undefended Blonde

Why is it that blond jokes are funny? Does it really make you laugh that the color of my hair is lighter than yours is?  If this is so, then I hate to be the one to tell you, but you need a life.

How did blondes get the reputation of being ditzy, unintelligent, and oh so less than insightful? Just because we are of Scandinavian descent and show it, doesn't automatically mean that we are brain-dead. I have often found that when a person is confronted with my intelligence, and find themselves losing, they resort to an inane blonde joke; as if that will even the score.

I am judged everyday by something I have no control over. It is true that I could easily dye my hair; but why should I? I like being blonde. I'm not going to change what I am so that people are forced to stop making an intelligence snap-judgment on sight. I am not the one who needs to change. Friends, even family, have often made blonde jokes in my presence.They act as if I should laugh with the same vigor, as their brown-headed minds seem to find in such jokes. I cannot in good conscious silently agree.When I tell them that it is not true about blondes, and use myself as an example, I am told that I am not a "typical blonde".What is a typical blonde?Are those the people that have given me, and so many others like me, such a bad reputation? If this is so, then I have yet to meet a "typical blonde".

Amber Troy
nom de plume