The purpose of Blond From Birth is to spread awareness of blond haired people and increase their rights in todays society. We have goals of promoting awareness and of ending the racist stereotypes of blondes that the Media propagates with the assistance of hair dye companies.

  Up to now the fakes get the press while we are muted. The Dye-jobs worked in packs while we were isolated. BFB is here to change that. Right now, fat people and sex freaks have more civil rights than blonds. BFB and all blond people must fight that.

 Our society has the increasing need to promote the image of the sex-freak, dope-head, or ‘passive person’. Unfortunately, the common symbol that has been chosen for these groups is Yellow Hair. This has created a burden upon those 'blond from birth people' who do not want to be seen as members of the weirdo club. It has lead to lowered quality of life, decreased earnings from work, with less promotions and lowered recognition of effort, and to unwanted sexual stereotyping from the sex freak fan club.

If this type of stereotype was put upon Blacks, Asians, or Jews, it would be recognized as the most blatant prejudice. Yet we Blonds are supposed to accept the dye-jobs because we are both 'white'. There is no such thing as a 'white race'. History shows Europeans have always hated each other and fought each other. They never held hands and sang songs of their white family.

  The widespread use of hair dyes has also led to an increasing burden for the environment. The disposal of billions of bottles of hair dye down the drain is polluting the water systems of the Earth on a large scale. The ingredients in hair dye are basic industrial solvents that have no business on someones’ head. Hydrogen peroxide was used by the nazis as rocket fuel, not as a cosmetic! It is hazardous waste and should be treated as such.

  Our world is corrupt, and corruption and sex freaks seem to go together. The spread of the sex freaks is an indicator to the spread of Corruption. Fight the dye-jobs and fight corruption at the same time.

  If that is to much to ask, at least change the symbol. If you are a prostitute, you can use green hair (the color of money). Homosexuals can have pink (it’s festive and fun), while bimbos can use blue (like their frozen brains). Pop stars can choose from any of the above combinations.

 We need to Spread The Word, and let them know we do not agree. An easy way to help is to use search engines to look up 'blond rights', 'blond rascism' and such. Statistics of such things are reviewed by people to judge trends for advertising etc. The higher up we get the more attention we receive. Email dye sites, and also point out that 'blond jokes' should be dye-job jokes, or bleached brunette jokes. (a bleached bimbo broke her leg raking leaves... she fell out of the tree.) Bleach heads aren't a race, and you can make fun of them.

 Please look around the site and keep BFB in mind when dealing with the dye-job lemon headed bleach brains.

'Consider the luxurious dress and behavior of the leaders and people. See how you wanted to copy their pagan way of cutting hair and beards. Are these the people whose terror threatens us, yet you want to copy their hair!' Orkwin of York 793 A.D.